Maskedking The Mother Sucker® Manual Breast Pump | Easy to Use While Breastfeeding | Food Grade Silicone | Lid and Stand Included:Maskedking
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The Mother Sucker® Manual Breast Pump | Easy to Use While Breastfeeding | Food Grade Silicone | Lid and Stand Included:Maskedking

YogaBellies Published in October 18, 2018, 9:51 pm
 The Mother Sucker® Manual Breast Pump | Easy to Use While Breastfeeding | Food Grade Silicone | Lid and Stand Included:Maskedking

The Mother Sucker® Manual Breast Pump | Easy to Use While Breastfeeding | Food Grade Silicone | Lid and Stand Included:Maskedking

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K.H Reply to on 11 May 2018
This is a fantastic product, it is comfortable and once attached properly very easy to use. When compared to the price of other pumps, this is a bargain! I use this product as well as an electric pump. As fantastic as this product is, I still need to use the electric one to ensure I express enough milk during the day. One thing I would like to see improved is the measurements on the side, I have found them misleading, with 4oz being closer to 3oz.
Edit: I have since been in contact with the company regarding the innacurate measurements and they have advised that they are only for a guide! As a breastfeeding mother I find this really disappointing, I ask why have the measurements at all if they are not accurate? I have to find time in my day to express milk and then to find I have expressed much less than I have thought disheartening.
Anon Reply to on 23 July 2018
Best product I have EVER purchased! I have a ridiculous over supply. I did with my first child and it took me months to gradually get it down pumping less and less of the surplus off and waiting each time for my body to adapt. I still leaked lots and had to express for the first 12 months. My second baby is a week old today and again I have a ridiculous over supply 150 oz expressed in 4 days and this is the minimum I could express just to latch baby on. I suddenly realised I had purchased a mother sucker and thought it may reduce my pumping time if I used it along side feeding. It’s been 36 hours and WOW without sounding over dramatic it has drastically changed everything. I have been in tears all week panicking about when my partner returns to work how I wil manage to breastfed and look after my 4 year old and newborn and pump every 2 hours to stop engorgement. In the time I’ve been using this I’ve only had to express once. I think where this gently draws our milk during let down it doesn’t stimulate the body to make more in the same manner pumping does and I’ve got away with virtually just using this and feeding baby, meaning I actually have time to interact with my children and husband instead of being connected to a breast pump. It’s also so easy to clean and use so as well as helping reduce my supply and giving me hours back each day we’ve saved lots of time in cleaning and sterilising breast pump parts. I actually am no longer dreading my husband returning to work now. Great product. It can, when using it a lot be a little sore on the breast but nothing lots of lanolin cream can’t fix, just keep an eye on it as the lanolin cream can make it slide and pop off!

I’ve also found I don’t need to be feeding the other side to pop it on!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 16 May 2018
The idea of this pump is brilliant! I wanted to use it few times before writing a review. I use it for during the night and it's soo simple. You don't need to plug anything. Just suction it on the breast and leave it. However the suction doesn't always hold and when there is some milk collected it gets a bit heavier and I have to hold it so it doesn't fall. Especially with baby feeding on the other breast. I collected 30ml the first two nights and for me this was brilliant. It says to use warm cloth or something to encourage the milk flow but in reality who has time to get a warm cloth. I just squeeze my breast and it works but then I lose the suction again.
Generally I'm happy with this product and will continue using it. I think it's great only when breasts are full
B S.
B S. Reply to on 19 December 2017
I LOVE this pump. With my first baby I used an electric pump and would dedicate time to pumping between feeds... with my second no way do I have time for that! So if I didn’t have this pump I wouldn’t do it at all as you do this whilst feeding. And I love to multitask and not waste so this ticks lots of boxes! The odd time the suction goes a bit but you just easily sucker it back on. Easy to clean as in one piece - I’m about to take it away on holiday as it’s so small. It is easier to get the flow from one side than the other.,. But that’s natural I think.

And the name is pretty cool!
LZD Reply to on 8 May 2018
I cannot believe how good this bargain pump is. I use an electric pump sometimes but you need three hands to use an electric pump and feed the baby!
This takes away any hassle as the pump stays attached to you and collects on its own. The only thing you need to do is remember a storage bag as the pump only has a small capacity.
I’ve used it this afternoon whilst feeding and just collected 150ml pain free and hassle free.
If you BF and also express buy this pump!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 7 September 2018
Well what can I say! This product is amazing! This is my second baby and like with my first I can’t seem to express much with an electric pump and a hand pump always works better but still only giving me about 2 oz at a time and a lot of hard work! The mother sucker gave me 2oz the first time I used it in a matter of 10 mins while baby was latched on the other side! No pumping no effort, just like the instructions Cheryl gives, just suction it on, give the bulb a few pumps and hey presto the milk starts to flow! It really is amazing! I’m so glad i have found this product as I hate to waste any of my precious milk and this reduces the amount that goes into my breast pads for sure! I’ve used quite a few times now since purchasing it and each time have got at least 2 oz! Easy to use, easy to clean, delivery was super quick, I just cannot recommend Thai product enough for breast feeding mamas! Thank you Yogabellies I wish I had this whilst breast feeding my first born!
sasirekha Reply to on 23 April 2018
For the last 1.5 months I am using this product, really I am happy. It's good to have stand and lid for the cost. My milk Flow is not a super flow, but this pump helping me lot to extract more milk while breastfeed. Also I am using Philips Avent single electrical pump one side and other side this manual sucker, if electrical pump extracts 80ml milk then this sucker is extracting 50ml milk without pain or effort which is every much helpful for me. Really thanks for the product.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 13 June 2018
This is a brilliant little pump. I bought it to supplement my electric pump and to take out and about with me but have taken to using just this at the moment as am expressing alongside breastfeeding so my husband can do a bottle a day. It makes expressing so much easier as I'm not tied to my electric pump which needs to be plugged in and has so many little components that make sterilising difficult. I wish I had found it before spending out lots of money on other pumps. This is great for using on one breast whilst feeding from the other and I have also managed to use it as a stand alone pump (when not feeding my little one). The amount of milk I am getting surpassed my expectations, I am able to express enough for 1 bottle a day plus enough to freeze a bottles worth for future use. I am using it at every other feed and am averaging 9-10 oz per day. I've already told my pregnant friends about it!
clare bacon
clare bacon Reply to on 26 May 2018
Mother Sucker I love you!!
This is in a different galaxy to manual pumps and allows you freedoms you don’t get with an electric pump.
I latch one breast on to the Mother Sucker and put my ....well my human mother sucker on the other breast and we’re off! It’s sorted out my engorgement, I take this pump everywhere with me because I can and it completely takes the issue of my excess milk supply off my mind.
Watch the YouTube tutorials if you think it might be confusing or you’re not sure how it catches a let down of milk whilst using just suction. Use a hot flannel or get yourself some Lansinoh breast pearls too for hot compression to encourage a let down.
The Mother Sucker Rocks! 🤩💪
Symms Reply to on 25 November 2017
This is just amazing quality. I’m so impressed. There are lovely details imprinted into the silicone, which is soft and pliable but not at all flimsy. I’m 24 weeks pregnant with number 2, and as someone who exclusively pumped for number one, I’m beyond excited to give this a go!
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