Maskedking 4M Create Your Own Beautiful Origami Lights:Maskedking
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4M Create Your Own Beautiful Origami Lights:Maskedking

4M Published in October 18, 2018, 11:02 pm
 4M Create Your Own Beautiful  Origami Lights:Maskedking

4M Create Your Own Beautiful Origami Lights:Maskedking

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Gemma Woollard
Gemma Woollard Reply to on 14 June 2017
With my help, my 7year old was able to make a lovely string of lights. We worked together as the instructions were too complicated for her alone. There was paper for two of each lamp shade so I could fold one while she copied each move. There were even some spare pieces of paper in case things go wrong. A pleasant afternoon with an attractive string of lights to keep at the end.
Victoria Reply to on 22 February 2018
Lovely set, it would have been nice as a bigger set with at least two sets of lights.
Sbcam Reply to on 15 January 2018
Bought for my Japanese nieces who love origami and they were thrilled. Made them all within the hour and v pleased with themselves.
Donna Atkins
Donna Atkins Reply to on 6 May 2015
Bought for a 9 yr old girl and they went down so well, we have since bought three more. Great birthday pressent idea.
Mrs T J Bewley
Mrs T J Bewley Reply to on 2 December 2017
Recipient pleased with present
Emerald Star
Emerald Star Reply to on 24 October 2016
Ok does not look as pretty in reality.
Barbara Reply to on 27 December 2015
My eldest grandson loves Origanmi so this was the perfect gift for him. He loves it
K. Bond
K. Bond Reply to on 27 January 2015
Bought these on more than one occasion as gifts, always loved by the recipient.
penny Reply to on 18 November 2016
Bought as a Christmas present
Jeanette Tindale
Jeanette Tindale Reply to on 9 November 2016
Given as a gift
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